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Children & Adolescents

From age 5, children can receive a Genetic Brain Dominance Profile that provides profound insight into how s/he is wired. Book an online session today to empower and equip yourself with incredible wisdom as to how to best connect with and support your child(ren). Once you have the Profile in hand, this insight becomes a invaluable tool to share with school teachers and caregivers, too.

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Benefits of Profiling

Discovery | Support | Success


If you've ever felt frustrated as a parent, unable to connect with or soothe your child in times of high stress, this process will help you discover why and enhance your communication strategies.


Once you discover your child's Profile, then the steps for supporting your child become incredibly clear. Noeline has powerful strategies to develop greater empathy and compassion while helping you support your child to find his/her path to success in life. 


It's clear in today's world that there simply isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to life success and happiness. Brain Profiling will guide your child to find their unique path in the world and give them the courage and confidence to pursue it. 

"I feel so equipped."

Ally M., Mexico

"My daughter came to our family through adoption. She has experienced incredible physical and emotional trauma in her short 7 years on this Earth. She takes ages to warm up to strangers, and I was concerned that she would panic at her Profiling session. To my amazement, all I had to do was sit with her on my lap, turn on Zoom, and chat with her quietly as Noeline did 'her thing'. It took all of five minutes - I was able to let my daughter go play while I sat with Noeline so she could explain my daughter's Profile to me.

To say that I was impressed (and relieved) at the non-invasive nature of the process is an understatement. I received insights that I would have never been able to garnish from my daughter herself, or any of the other professionals she has seen. She has begun to open up after we've started using the simple strategies Noeline suggested.

To experience this connection and to feel so equipped without any added trauma to my babe... wow - I'm just thrilled about that!

It's been such a profound experience that I'm going to join Noeline's Certification Course so I can help others in my world like she does!"

"I was a bit skeptical..."

Mother of Elementary School Child, New Zealand

"Thanks so much for doing Matthew’s brain profile report at Primary School. I was a bit skeptical, with a Masters in Physiotherapy and a Science background  I have different mindset when it comes to Assessment. But your assessment was spot-on and I am impressed."

"Wired to win"

Jennifer - Life Force

"I had a brain profiling session with Noeline, so did my husband and my son. It benefited each of us tremendously in knowing ourselves better and setting ourselves up in situations in life in which we are literally "wired to win."

We also now interact with one another in ways that work so much more harmoniously as a family. I highly recommend booking in with Noeline for these reasons, plus she is an absolute delight as a person, too."

"I have to be calm..."

Mum of four, New Zealand

"Noeline did a brain profile on my 2 sons and I found the results to be very helpful.

Firstly, the 2 boys profiles came out so differently that it made me realize that we just can't treat them the same. Secondly, with my eldest, I found out that he likes to know what is going to happen in advance and needs to be prepared. I used to try to be spontaneous with him and do things randomly without warning and this was met with resistance and anger. Now I know to give him plenty of warning and even if he doesn’t like what we are going to do, by the time we have to go, he goes with no resistance.

I have also learned that both boys stop listening to my words when my emotions come through, so I have to be calm when I am angry or frustrated if I want them to hear me.

I, too, had my profile done and found it very interesting and although I inwardly knew most of the things I was told, it reinforced what I knew about my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a starting point when reassessing my career. Instead of trying to change myself, I worked with my strengths and supported my weaknesses! My only wish now is that my daughters would be willing to have their profiles done. That way I can give them what they need and get the best from them!"