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Connecting Hearts & Minds For Performance with Genetic Brain Profiling

Uncover hidden truths about what happens in the brain and why behavior patterns shift when the body is subjected to stress. Through non-invasive Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling (GBDP), we help bring clarity to children, families, students, professionals, businesses and relationships.

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Meet Noeline


Since 2004, Noeline has been providing Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling for students, families, couples and businesses. As a child, she struggled with dyslexia and found little support in the education system. Once she understood her own brain profile, Noeline developed a compassion for herself that could only come from truly understanding how her brain worked. 

She explains, "Once I had my profile done I really understood why I had battled all those years. I understood it was more about how I processed information and had no reflection on my intelligence. I began to respect what I could and could not manage and then could pay closer attention to improving those areas which I found difficult. The overriding experience was one of acceptance and respect for myself. "

It has been a great pleasure for Noeline to profile many people, from all walks of life, witnessing their countless 'light bulb' moments and helping them along their own road towards greater understanding, joy and fulfillment.

Noeline Levinson, Brain Profilogist
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What is Brain Profiling?

Unlocking the power of human potential

Through Applied Kinesiology (muscle checking), Noeline is able to identify which side of the brain is dominant, as well as which eye, ear, and leg holds dominance in the body. When in stress, the non-dominant side of the brain shuts down, taking with it any dominant parts governed by that side of the body. Brain Profiling explains what is happening in the body when a person is subjected to stress. This profound experience of understanding how you and those you love are wired provides insight like no other framework can.

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Everyone wins

Anyone with a brain can benefit from a Genetic Brain Dominance Profile! There are a couple of specific reasons why you might request a profile. First, profiles are a great tool for teachers, children and families in need, such as:

  • Teachers who are struggling to understand certain children

  • Parents who do not know how to connect and communicate effectively with their children

  • Families who are looking for more peace and harmony at home

  • Teenagers who are making career choices

  • Children who are struggling at school academically, or socially/emotionally

  • Get tailored support

    There are incredible applications of Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling in the workplace, too. GBDP can support people in the following situations:

  • Adults who are unhappy with career choices

  • Adults in relationships that are not working

  • Couples about to get married and wish to start life out on the right foot

  • Managers who want to stop high staff turnover by better understanding their staff

  • Team building in companies, creating better harmony within the work environment

  • Recruiting staff who fit well into the job description

  • Which best describes the help you're seeking?

    Children playing happily

    Family Support


    Understand why your child is getting stuck, enhance your empathy and compassion for your child, and build your toolkit to support his/her unique needs. Work with teachers and other caregivers, too!

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    Students throwing their graduation caps

    Career Support


    How valuable would it be to gain insights into what career would bring the greatest amount of success and satisfaction to your child? That's exactly what GDBP can help with.

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    A professional man and woman talking

    Career Support


    Gain insight into why you behave with specific patterns, what makes you tick, why you experience conflict with certain people and how you can better lead yourself at work. 

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    A group of colleagues working together


    For Teams

    Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling provides a powerful tool to enhance communication and teamwork within any organization. Learn how to work with more fluidity and manage conflict well.

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    A group of potential candidates waiting to be interviewed


    For Recruitment

    Brain Profiling can help an organization choose the candidate who is best suited for any given role. Offer profiles to your finalists and work with Noeline to select the best fit to decrease turnover costs.

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    A couple holding hands in a counseling session

    Pre-marital & Marital

    For Relationships

    Opposites attract - and without a proper framework for moving forward in life together, they can begin to annoy. Brain Profiling provides insight into how to manage potential conflicts.

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    "Profoundly grateful"

    Jen R., New Zealand

    "I feel profoundly grateful for the Brain Profiling session you did with my son. The information you discovered was an exact match to his experience. He felt known, valued, and dispersed ideas of being broken. Also, shaping his life choices to match how he ticks is invaluable.

    The physical issues we discussed and putting together a clear game plan are going to prevent a health crisis further down the track. This is so important and thank you very much for making it available to us!"

    Here's what you can expect at your session

    Brain Profiling a non-invasive, fast, and profound experience that will undoubtedly change your life. Sessions are held on Zoom and take between 60 to 90 minutes. Within the first 5-10 minutes, Noeline is determining your Brain Profile using Applied Kinesiology techniques. The participant doesn't need to say or do anything in order for Noeline to do the Profile. The rest of the appointment is spent explaining your Profile and discussing implications and strategies to help you be your best.

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    Woman in yellow talking on Zoom

    "This is miraculous!"

    Julia K, mom to boy with ADHD

    "Noeline spent two hours with me profiling me and my ADHD son. It was miraculous to learn about myself and him in ways I never knew. She helped us learn what happened when we are stressed and what we need to do to calm down to be able to use both sides our our brain to get through the situation.

    She taught me our dominant side shuts down when we are stressed. She helped me develop strategies to help my son integrate both sides of his brain to be able to get off ADHD meds*, grow and be healthy, do math, make moral choices, and be grounded!

    I have so much hope now, where before I had felt defeated. I’m blown away at what she has taught me and will be forever grateful at her generous gift, kind heart, and immense talents. Please learn as much as you can with this video (referring to the video with Noeline and Sunny below). Helping children be able to be their best and feel valued is so important. Spread the word. This is miraculous!"

    *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Dive deeper into Brain Profiling

    Find out what Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling is and how it can help you. In this interview with Sunny Gault from United Network TV, you'll experience the real-life application of Brain Profiling as Sunny shares how the results helped her and her family through tough times.

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