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Studies show time and time again that over 60% of working-age people are actively looking for a job change. Does this point to a mismatch in how one is naturally wired and their choice of career? What if you could help your child understand themselves better before spending their precious time, energy, effort and finances on their future? Genetic Brain Dominance Profiling does just that!

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In today's world, the possibilities are endless for those just starting their career - and this can create confusion and anxiety in our young people. Brain Profiling provides a tailored road map to future success for students who are ready to set sail. 


Once s/he discovers their unique Profile, clarity will emerge for their next best steps. With empathy and compassion, you can guide your child towards the path that promises the best match with their specific abilities and worldview. 


Equipped with a greater understanding of themselves, adolescents can choose to confidently build the future of their dreams - using their Brain Profile to light the way.  

Noeline shares...

Life-changing support when it matters most

"I recently engaged with a student who was making subject choices for her last two years at school. From drawing up her profile I was able to make suggestions as to which subjects she would manage with ease and indicated to her a few options of what direction she could follow once she finished school. This really helped her to make those all important decisions."