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During the dating process, we're quite naturally attracted to someone who is wired differently than we are. In the early stages of courtship, this can add spice to the relationship. Yet, as time goes by, this subconscious attraction to an opposite energy can cause friction if we don't take the time to gain greater understanding and practice effective communication strategies together. Brain Profiling provides incredible insight into how you and your partner view the world, what happens to you under stress, and how you can avoid unnecessary conflict in life and marriage.

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Different people have different styles of communicating when under stress. For some, they go silent. Others walk away. And others speak too bluntly and cause hurt. Brain Profiling will give you the framework to better understand yourself and your partner and how you might naturally navigate the stresses of married life.


Brain Profiling helps individuals to know and understand themselves and others better. Working with Noeline gives you coping strategies based upon your unique pairing of Profiles. By working on these strategies as a couple, you'll understand potential pitfalls and be better equipped to walk the life journey together.


While each couple will create the definition of what a 'successful' marriage looks like, effecting change to your communication styles to avoid unnecessary stress and conflict is a worthy goal within marriage. Brain Profiling gives you the resources to do just this before you say, "I do!"

"Difficulty with conflict"

Noeline shares the experience of one of her client couples

"One couple whom I saw were having trouble in their marriage.

It turned out that they had very similar profiles and they had great difficulty with conflict resolution. Hence they both buried their problems and became angry and resentful towards one another.

After they learnt about each others profiles they were given coping mechanisms to use in times of confrontation. Their greater understanding of each other, revealed why so many problems had gone unresolved. They left with tools to improve their communication and their relationship."

"New insights & tools"


"My appointment with Noeline for brain profiling provided me with a deep insight into how I view the world around me. It has equipped me with a new set of tools to evaluate how I cope with pressure and stress.

I was surprised by Noeline's accurate understanding of how I function, and this helped me step back and view myself from a different perspective. Insight like this is highly valuable when trying to navigate the ebb and flow of life."