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Investing in yourself or a loved one to experience the Brain Profiling process with Noeline is life-changing. The session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and will be done on Zoom. We book two hours just to be sure all questions are answered. 

The investment for an individual Brain Profile is US$150.

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Booking For A Family

The price for every member of the family you would like to receive a Brain Profile is $100/person. To book, click the button below and schedule your first session. Noeline will be in touch via email with further details.

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Booking For A Couple

The package price for a couple is US$250. Book your first appointment by clicking the button below. 

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Inquiring From A Business

Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with Noeline to discuss your specific needs and create a specialised plan.

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"Greater personal peace"

A triumph of understanding, love and self-compassion

"Understanding my brain profile feels like a big step to actually knowing how to care for myself. While acknowledging how right my profile feels, I see how I've set myself up now to feel highly stressed in most aspects of my profile.

I see why my childhood was so challenging for my body and ability to enjoy life, because it was terrible for my brain profile. And my two long-term relationships were both highly stressful & horrible for my brain profile.

Recognising all this I've hugged myself and cried, hugging my younger self with huge compassion for the difficulty I lived in, for the highly stressful life. With this I feel huge tiredness and my nervous system 'at the end of it's resilience', forcing me to stop, rest, and reset my life structure to suit really caring for my profile so I can live much much more of my days using all my capacities, and all parts of my brain.

Allowing my nervous system to cease 'running from tigers' and genuinely know peace. To allow my organs to self heal and my body feel safe. To live in creative joy; to really, really absorb the gorgeous nature I live with; to love the space of love I'm creating; to enjoy being youthful, to play and adventure again; to enjoy a happy physical body full of pure love; to use my multidimensionality to pull in a wonderful future here locally and globally.

Thank you Noeline for your work in the world. Now it's up to me to redesign how I care for me in my life. I can't even imagine how differently, how wonderfully I may experience who I am, when I cater to my personal inner peace in this body and brain, freeing me to live fully in the greater whole of me."