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Conflict in marriage is inevitable, thus, effective strategies for conflict resolution is inextricably tied to the success of a relationship. Brain Profiling helps married couples better understand the hard wiring of each individual, identify where that may be causing harm in the relationship, and provide tools to move forward with greater harmony and understanding.

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Brain Profiling reveals how you and your partner react under stress. And while this may come as no surprise to you both, it will give you a framework and language to begin opening the lines of communication and understanding.


Noeline provides you with coping and communication strategies based upon your unique Profile pairing. This targeted support pinpoints exactly where you're getting stuck and how to move through the hurt towards mutual love and respect.


A strong marriage is built by two strong individuals. The wisdom you'll receive from understanding your individual profiles gives you the pathway to self-healing and self-responsibility so that you can rebuild the foundations of an unbreakable partnership together.

"A new way of being"

A marriage in crisis needs tools for greater understanding

"My life and marriage had taken unexpected and painful turns. My husband had had an affair. I needed to and wanted to, very keenly, understand how I got to this place in my life and move/grow beyond it.

Enter Noeline and Brian Profiling. After the Brain Profiling, I saw myself as on ok person, not one with defects that required 'fixing'. It helped me understand myself in a rational, non-emotional manner, to work with what information I gleaned from the Brain Profiling and forge ahead in a manner that is best for me.

Brain Profiling was the start of a new way of being, of self recognition, self responsibility. And although I did not realise that at the time, today, I certainly recognize the significant difference between now and then!

I am very grateful to have met and worked with Noeline! Incidentally, my husband had Brain Profiling done, too; it has helped both of us understand ourselves and each other better. I am better equipped to care for myself as well as others. I believe Brain Profiling is a tool to help us help ourselves and those we care about."

"A wealth of experience"

Raewyn Hamilton, Director 

"My experience with Brain Profiling happened rather by chance. Sitting in a very lively networking session with a group of entrepreneurial women, a few shared that they had undergone a service offered by one of the members, Noeline Levinson, and that the resultant profile had helped them tremendously in making life choices.

Choices involving careers and relationships, and it had seriously assisted with their acceptance of themselves. In short, they understood how their genetic 'hard wiring' had predisposed them to enjoying certain activities while absolutely loathing and feeling trapped by others.

This particular style of brain profiling was unlike anything I had experienced before. No questionnaires or yes/no answers. Simply, using a kinesthetic method, my body responded to taps and questions and having no idea of the outcome I simply followed prompts. 

The practitioner, Noeline Levinson, detailed to me her wealth of experience in this and many other techniques, which she studied in her native South Africa.

While I initially didn't fully agree with all of the profile findings, my husband recognised the truths in them immediately and anyone I have mentioned a few points to has nodded knowingly.

Overall, I found the explanation of my 'hard-wiring' very settling, and it has totally explained why I have chosen many of the paths in life that I have taken and found others such hard work.

I truly believe it is an incredibly worthwhile experience for a couple to undergo to help understand each other. I have also been privy to the findings of a session taken by my step-daughter in order to better comprehend behavioural patterns being exhibited by her 5-year-old. The understandings gleaned from this session have helped immeasurably in creating a much smoother bond between her and her son."

"You will learn a lot"

Maggie Nasso

"I've had a session with Noeline, it was fabulous! She identified several traits that have caused me issues. One was I always want the "bottom line" and I interrupt others talking to get it. Arrrggg, she is correct.

I solved it by asking my awesome son, how do you listen? His response was, "Repeat what the other is saying in your mind rather than thinking about your response." It works!

Noeline does so much more. Other things she told me have helped me in my relationships. If you can, have a profiling session with her, you will learn a lot. I so appreciate you, Noeline!"